Since its establishment in 1997, MP Billing has steadily augmented its capabilities through a highly select team of senior telecommunications experts. It has accumulated considerable practical knowledge about the products and technologies of many leading suppliers, yet remains entirely independent of any one vendor or technical approach.


MP Billing helps Israel's foremost companies set up and improve their information system architecture and seamlessly integrate their various systems, helping them improve productivity, strengthen customer loyalty, and expand their business. The unparalleled knowledge and experience with NGOSS and eTOM generated throughout its years of activity, as well as, its dedicated, professional, and highly select team of experts, headed by Miriam Parshani, has attracted Israeli industry leaders to seek MP Billing's services to assist in major start up, migration, and other important projects related to their system architecture.


Through the years, MP Billing has assisted Partner, one of Israel's foremost cellular operators, Barak, one of Israel's first private long-distance providers, YES, Israel's multi-channel satellite television provider, and HOT Telecom, with the implementation of their BSS systems. MP has assisted Partner and Netvision013, Israel's oldest-established ISP and leading international and local telephony provider, with major migration projects.
Last two years, has significantly assisted HOT Mobile with launching UMTS services in an unextraordinary short implementation time.


>In addition, the company has consulted many other companies with a wide variety of other services; strategic consulting, roadmap preparation, Billing & CRM onsulting, BSS and OSS selection, revenue assurance, RFI & RFP process management and vendor selection, value added service implementation, requirements definition, implementation supervision and support, and training services.