Integration & Arch

Integration is the major keyword and most costly within implementation of complex,
demanding business requirements of today's competitive environment.
A dominant part of Integration is the challange of central Data Management, as a proved base for Business Inteligence  & Information analysis.
Data is the most important resource of the organization, which has to be planned, analyzed & well monitored as any other resources.
MP Billing has a deep experience in Data analysis, planning & management in different life periods of the organization.
Integration is a complex issue when it comes to Billing & CRM Integration, Financial GL & Billing integration, Commercial & Billing Catalogue integration etc.
The knowledge generated by providing expert analysis in the past, together with the experience of past implementations, means our clients can rest assured that the analysis provided by MP Billing is precise and accurate, and the crucial business decisions they make today, based on this analysis, are the right decision for their companies' future.
MP Billing helps it's customers to utilize the power of good architecture. Using our knowledge & experience with Billing & CRM systems, we assist our customers conform with best practice guidelines of NGOSS & eTOM, so that they are getting the best supporting architecture for their operation.
This results in the fact that Integration becomes a simple, technical task only. 
MP has special experience with Product Catalogue,  modeling and building a full PC which serves the whole organization. 
Good architecture promotes new business, accelerates handle time, leading to lower costs and an increase in revenue.