MP Billing was selected as the Local partner of DigitalRoute, since 2006, and has been implementing & supporting  Mediationzone projects in Israel & abroad.


MP Billing has the capability to deliver end-end services for MediztionZone® based solutions including project management, analysis, implementation and support.

Mediation Case studies
HOT -  In 2006 MPBilling has successfully replaced, the existing mediation system  with DigitalRoute’s mediation system – MediationZone. From 2007 MPBilling has continued to support and maintain MZ at HOT.

Netvision013 - MPBilling is providing support and maintenance for the mediation system ( MediationZone) at Netvision since 2007. MPBilling also performed the merge of several mediation systems at Netvision as a part of Netvision-Barak merge.


Verint/Jazztel ( Telephony Operator in Spain) - MPBilling provided the mediation solution as a part of Verint’s project at Jazztel  in Spain.


A Recommendation given by Joakim Sahlgrem from Digital Route on September 14 2010 :
MP Billing is a partner of DigitalRoute, the leading provider of embedded and standalone mediation and data integration software. MP Billing is a reliable partner combining excellent product and telecommunications expertise with a strong commitment to deliver quality solutions on time.