Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance & Fraud  are both areas of risk management  within organizations. These risks result in lost revenues & can be  gained back by proper identification, management & prevention.


MP Billing's experience with the complete scope of BSS  in Telecom operators, as well as, the capabilities of mapping organization processes (based on eTOM), has given the company an advantage in performing revenue assurance analysis within organizations. Revenue assurance analysis is based on the exact identification of potential revenue leakage points within the entire organizational business process, evaluating the size of the leakage and providing leakage prevention solutions.


Over the years, MP Billing has provided several revenue assurance related services:

  • Planing and characterizing the control system for the entire call billing process, receiving and processing calls, Partner Israel
  • Requirements definition and vendor selection for billing verification systems
  • Involvement in several revenue assurance mapping projects of telecom companies at different stages of development: Bezeq, Pelephone, and Partner.
  • A thorough mapping of processes and leakage points in Netvision013