MP Billing provides expert service in defining and planning broad strategies for long- and short-term projects. Together with our clients we set out to define their objectives and based on these we use our experience and expertise to plan alternative strategies to achieve these goals. Once the strategies are defined we analyze the alternatives choosing the best strategy suited to our clients needs and objectives.



Using  Frameworks (NGOSS & eTOM ) basic architecture maps, MPBilling is providing srvices in mapping Business Processes , identifying gaps, duplication & unefficiency.



MP Billing provides a wide array of system architecture related consulting services.  We provide our customers with practical knowledge;  evaluating software and system architecture, characterizing and analyzing business processes and defining system requirements. In addition, MP Billing provides its customers with road maps and project plans for improving system architecture, system migration, and system updates, as well as, preparing billing and CRM RFPs, and accompanying clients with system implementation.




MP Billing had served as local representative of some of the system vendors. In 2004, MP Billing was selected Israeli Local Partner of LHS's BSCS Billing System, and had  providing quality system support, for 5 years.
MP Billing was also selected as local Partner & Integrator of Digital Route's MediationZone mediation system, implementing Mediation Zone in three large Israeli companies, HOT, Netvision013 and Verint.


Expert and Management

MP Billing provides the expertise of its top experts, to advise, take part and lead organizational projects. Enabling companies to staff their most important projects with the most experienced and professional employees in the various BSS/OSS areas : Billing, CRM, Mediation, Order Management, Product Catalogue modelling etc.


Systems'  Selection & RFP's

When faced with a crossroad, you want those who best know the area to guide you to where you want to go, and when it comes to choosing the right system to best meet your needs. MP Billing is who you want. We define our clients' needs, characterize their business processes, and prepare a road map guiding you through the process. We write the relevant RFPs, compare and assess vendors' reply, mark requirements coverage and prepare selection recommendations.
MP Billing helps its customers choose the system best suited to the company's needs and objectives, out of the wide pool of system vendors, leading to a better ability to track performance indicators, meet business objectives, and effortlessly reshape and expand the solution's scope to meet new challenges and opportunities.


Business Processes Mapping, Analysis & Design

MP Billing utilizes its vast experience and technical knowledge with organization process mapping to analyze organizational processes. These processes are mapped, redundancies, faults, and other issues are identified, and presented to the organization, together with suggestions for a smoother running, more robust and accurate business process map, which, when implemented, improves organizational efficiency and resources utilization.
Process mapping is the basic pre requisite for revenue assurance analysis, as well as for NGOSS/eTOM migration or architecture planning.


Implementation / Migration Projects

MP Billing has proved experience with Data Migration & Conversion projects. These projects require both migration methodology experience, as well as  source&target systems understanding.
MP has performed sucessful migration projects at Netvision013 and at Partner.